Terms of Service

Date of last modification: December 13th, 2022

The following terms and conditions apply in participation to YoastCon 2023 (“YoastCon”):


  1. YoastCon takes place May 11th, 2023. 
  2. The YoastCon venue opens around 8AM on May 11th and closes around 10PM on May 11th 2023.


  1. After you purchase a ticket for YoastCon, you will receive a confirmation email including an invoice, a security code and a QR code.
  2. The confirmation email is your ticket to attend YoastCon.
  3. As long as you haven’t paid the ticket fee in full, we are not obligated to grant you access to YoastCon.

House rules

  1. Attendance to YoastCon is only permitted with a valid ticket (the confirmation email as described above).
  2. You must observe the Code of Conduct during your attendance at YoastCon. You can find the Code of Conduct on this page.

Programme changes

  1. We reserve the right to make changes to the YoastCon programme, including changes to the speaker line up.
  2. Changes to the YoastCon programme that take place after you have purchased a ticket to YoastCon do not give you the right to reverse the purchase and/or to claim a (partial) refund of the purchase price.


  1. Full refunds are possible up to 2 months before YoastCon, March 11, 2023.
  2. Up to 1 month before YoastCon, April 11, 2023, we apply a 50% refund.
  3. In case of cancellation by you within 1 month before YoastCon, on the day itself or in case of a no-show, there will be no refund of payments.
  4. We do not process refunds after the conference took place.
  5. A cancellation cannot be undone, but you can purchase a new ticket given that tickets are still available.
  6. You can transfer your ticket to another person until 1 week before the event. Just send us an email at yoastcon@yoast.com.
  7. Notice of cancellation must be given via email: yoastcon@yoast.com.


  1. In case of reasons we are not responsible for (force majeure), we reserve the right to cancel YoastCon or reschedule YoastCon to another date and/or location.
  2. Reasons we are not responsible for (force majeure) are: all unforeseen circumstances that are not our fault or for which we aren’t legally responsible, such as but not limited to: illness or withdrawal of speakers, weather conditions, epidemics, strikes, global health problems, terrorist threats, unavailability of the venue.
  3. If we decide to reschedule YoastCon, purchased tickets will still be valid for the event taking place on the new date. In case you are not able to attend the rescheduled YoastCon, we will refund your ticket.
  4. If we decide to cancel YoastCon due to force majeure, we are not obligated to refund your ticket.
  5. If we decide to cancel the YoastCon due to reasons for which Yoast is responsible we will refund your ticket.
  6. You cannot claim any compensation other than the refund of the purchase price of your YoastCon ticket. A refund will only be made after you have issued your confirmation email.


Yoast has the right to terminate (‘beeindigen’) the agreement with you. In this event, your order for a YoastCon ticket will be canceled. Purchased YoastCon tickets are no longer valid from that moment on. We will refund the full purchase price to you. You cannot claim compensation other than the refund of the purchase price. The foregoing does not apply when the article ‘Cancellation’ applies.

Visual material

We will take pictures during YoastCon. The goal is to make an impression of YoastCon, the photos can be used in our newsletter and on social media. When registering to YoastCon 2023 on the day itself, you can indicate whether you want or don’t want to be photographed.


  1. Yoast is not responsible for loss or theft of your belongings or damage to your belongings during YoastCon.
  2. Liability of Yoast is limited to the amount that the insurer of Yoast pays out in the relevant case. Yoast is only liable for damage (‘schade’) insofar as the law entitles you to compensation.
  3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Yoast is liable in the event of intent or gross negligence of Yoast.
  4. In the event you don’t observe these terms of service, the Code of Conduct or any reasonable directions Yoast or its employees may give you during YoastCon, we reserve the right to remove you from the YoastCon event site and deny you further access without being obligated to refund you the ticket price. In addition, you are liable for any and all damages resulting from your actions (such as but not limited to damages to the property, inventory and persons).

Personal data

  1. The personal data of you we process is the information you provide us with when purchasing a YoastCon ticket in the ticketshop. We are obligated to process and store your personal data as included in the invoice (that you receive in the confirmation email) for up to seven (7) years due to tax legislation, after which period this data will be removed. Other personal data will be removed after YoastCon took place, except for your email address. We would like to inform you about future Yoast events by email. As soon as you tell us you don’t want to receive those emails (which you can via an unsubscribe button in every email), we will remove your email address as well. 
  2. We do not collect any of your personal data beyond what is described above. We do not process personal data in a way that contradicts the purpose for which the personal data was obtained. When processing your personal information, we will comply with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. Yoast is considered the controller with respect to any personal data that you provide us with. Yoast is located at Don Emanuelstraat 3 6602GX, Wijchen, the Netherlands. Our registration number at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is 55404367.
  4. We will provide your personal data (name) to the printer who will process this to produce the badges.

Applicable law

Dutch law is applicable to these terms of service and the agreement between us.